Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

We need some Catagories


  1. Firearms — maybe reviews and or Ebooks?
  2. Shooting — How practicing perfect is the best method.
  3. Hunting  — The areas I hunt and what I’ve learned.
  4. Fishing — What I like about the Streams vs. Lakes
  5. Learning Fly-Fishing — Man this is cool!


  1. Gunsmithing — What can be done vs. What should be done.

The Library:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing

The Kitchen:

  1. Cooking — My favorite recipes and why I love them
  2. Food Preservation — What, When and How.  Most importantly: WHY?

The Study:

  1. Ham Radio  — The Simple and complex world of Radio Communication
  2. Computer Programming — Some fun stuff from my old life.

So Now I think I will setup some categories with that in mind.  Then, I’ll need to start writing some articles……..

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