Hunting Public Land

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Whether the goal is Squirrel in the woods, Rabbit in the brush, Pheasant in fields, or Deer in the twilight;  A Hunt on public land can lead to a very enjoyable time.

I am one of the many Hunters who find themselves hunting mainly on public land.  Some would say that this is a severe disadvantage, almost to the point where they would consider staying home.  I say, OK.  Stay home.

You see, It’s real difficult to harvest game while sitting on the couch.  It’s also hard to get in my way if you stay home.  In either circumstance, I win.


I hunt an area around Beltzville Lake in Carbon County, PA.  It’s a State Park which offers many different activities, year-round.

From PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

Beltzville State Park

The 3,002-acre Beltzville State Park is in the southern foothills of the Poconos. Pohopoco Creek, an excellent trout stream, feeds the 949-acre Beltzville Lake, which is a rest stop for migrating waterfowl and is a destination for boaters and anglers. The sand beach and picnic pavilions are very popular.

Recreational facilities are a result of a cooperative effort of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources-Bureau of State Parks and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

There are MANY public lands with hunting opportunities in PA.  Your state may also, it would be worth some checking into.  Paying large fees or leasing private land can get expensive, rapidly.


It’s ALWAYS a good idea to know the seasons and bag limits in effect for your hunting grounds.  Here in PA its the Pennsylvania Game Commission who handles the rules and enforcement.

I like to use the movements of other hunters to my advantage while hunting, more on this later. So, I tend to get out a bit later than most…around 9-10am for most species.  This lets me sleep-in and enjoy the day more.


I’ve said that I like to use other hunters to my advantage.  You can achieve this in ways other than pumping them for information while they are packing up in the parking area!

You need to watch them while they are hunting.  Determine what areas they have pushed, which areas they leave alone.  Are they covering all of the escape routes?  Can you setup safely away from them and cover a route they missed?

Are these hunters the type to give a wide berth?  If so, knowing what areas they have not adequately pushed through, and areas that they skipped altogether, can pay dividends!   Just wait until they leave and then go get the Game!


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