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Yup, We’re all as safe as can be….

TSA discovery prompts New York bomb scare – six hours later By Mike M. Ahlers, CNN January 31, 2012 — Updated 0619 GMT (1419 HKT) (CNN) — A New York airport screener who removed two pipes from a traveler’s bag and set them aside Monday morning prompted a security scare six hours later when the next shift saw the pipes and feared they might be pipe bombs, local and federal officials said.

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Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

  Ingredients 6-7lb Whole Roasting chicken 4 Medium Sweet Onions 6 Large Carrots 1 Bunch Celery  2 Cups White or Blush Wine (semi-sweet)  3 TBSP Thyme (dry)  3 TBSP Rosemary (dry)  1 TBSP Ground Sage  Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper  Olive Oil  1 Cup White Rice  2 Cups Water  ¼ Cup Milk  2 TBSP Flour Directions   1.> Preheat oven to 425° F. 2.> Roughly cut Onion, Celery,Carrots into bottom of a roasting pan. 3.> Place Chicken on a roasting rack in the roasting pan. (very important! It must drain into the Pan) 4.> Rub the Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Salt, and … Continue reading

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Firearm Storage

Firearm Storage is a subject that seems to be discussed all of the time, yet never receives the attention it should.  There are several different way to store a Firearm, usually determined by the intended function. A function of Time…… If a Firearm is relied upon Daily, it would need to be stored differently than a Firearm that you want your Grand-kids to learn to use a decade from now. Safety This MUST be the primary concern!  Store your Firearms in a safe place: Safe from unauthorized use, Safe from Theft, Safe from a house fire..etc.. This can be accomplished … Continue reading

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OK…Who the hell is going to embark for this discount?

I think I’ll pass on this one, Thanks! Costa Concordia: ‘insulting’ cruise offer to survivors   The owners of the Costa Concordia are offering survivors of the disaster a 30 per cent discount off future cruises as they battle to stave off law suits expected to cost hundreds of millions of pounds. [more}

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The Internet Blackout….

Several Internet Nodes (Core area’s that aggregate content and drive the Internet itself) have decided to shutdown their operations to protest  the Stop Online Piracy Act: HR 3261 (SOPA) In my opinion, the tools are already there to accomplish this.  The should be used as the were intended.  There are safe-guards in place with the Laws that are effective now. CONGRESS!  Leave this ALONE and work on IMPORTANT MATTERS. Maybe, the ECONOMY ????? News articles:   Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills By JENNA WORTHAM Published: January 17, 2012 With a Web-wide protest on Wednesday that … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th….friggatriskaidekaphobia

Well since today is Friday the 13th, I thought it would be fitting to Post about the origins of the superstition that it’s a fateful day. According to my research, there doesn’t appear to be a clear origin of the superstition.  The most concrete fact that can be found is that references to the Day and Date, Friday, and 13: occur beginning around 1907 and not before. There is a pretty complete Wikipedia Entry which I think is worth a read.   Some fun things: An Amazon book search: Friday the 13th An Amazon movie search: Friday the 13th   … Continue reading

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Book Review: Regina’s Song by David Eddings

Eerily attuned to one another, twins Regina and Renata are so identical that even their mother can’t tell them apart. Then tragedy strikes: a vicious attack leaves one twin dead and the other so traumatized that she turns totally inward, incapable of telling anyone what happened or even who she is. She remains lost to the world, until the day Mark, a family friend, comes to visit–and the young woman utters her first intelligible word. As she recovers, still with no memory of the past, her nightmares grow steadily more frightful, followed by wild fits of hysteria and dark mood … Continue reading

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Just when you thought your Twinkies were safe…

Hostess Brands, Maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, Prepping Bankruptcy Report Updated: Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012, 10:53 AM EST Published : Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012, 10:34 AM EST UNDATED – There’s a report that Hostess Brands, the maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, is preparing to refile for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection just two years after emerging. Read more:

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Braised Chicken with Apples

  The Technique: Braising Braising: A seemingly Lost Technique.  Few People seem to know how to Braise a piece of meat.  They may do it, but they just don’t know what it is they are doing, exactly. Braising defined is: Cooking with Moist-Heat and Low Temperature, for a Long-Time.  Moist-Heat is just as essential as the Long-Time and here is why…… Using  Moist-Heat, Low Temperature, and Time; Dissolves the Connective tissue in meat, which we find to be tough, into Collagen.  The Collagen is then converted to Gelatin.  All the while the muscle fibers within the meat are coiled and … Continue reading

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