Firearm Storage

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Firearm Storage is a subject that seems to be discussed all of the time, yet never receives the attention it should.  There are several different way to store a Firearm, usually determined by the intended function. A function of Time……

If a Firearm is relied upon Daily, it would need to be stored differently than a Firearm that you want your Grand-kids to learn to use a decade from now.


This MUST be the primary concern!  Store your Firearms in a safe place: Safe from unauthorized use, Safe from Theft, Safe from a house fire..etc..

This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

The first option is a Security Cabinet. A Security Cabinet is usually constructed of medium weight steel and sports a relatively decent locking mechanism. Holes are pre-drilled for mounting to sturdy parts of walls (the studs) and floors (the joists). They typically are small, light, and easily moved. They are also easier on the budget, costing on average: $160.00 .   The downside of this option: Security Cabinets do not provide protection from a house fire.

Here are a few examples of Security Cabinets:

The second option is a true Firearm Safe. A Firearm Safe is constructed of several layers of thick steel with an insulated cavity between the contents of the safe and the environment. They have an exceptional locking mechanism and are very heavy so mounting to the walls or floor is not required. Knowing that the floor joists are properly constructed and capable of supporting the Safe’s considerable weight becomes important. Moving a Safe requires a lot of effort so plan it’s initial installation location carefully and do-it-right-the-first-time! Firearm Safes are much more expensive compared to Security Cabinets, they run from $500.00 to $1800.00 for a typical unit. An advantage to a Firearm Safe is, well, a Safe is a Safe. Buy more room than you think you will need and use a corner of the Firearm Safe for important papers, cash, and valuables.

Here are a few examples of Gun Safes:

Frequently Used Firearms

Hunting, Shooting, Defense. There are many reasons to have your firearms readily accessible.

For Hunting and frequent shooting sports such as trap, skeet, IDPA etc…I would recommend a good cleaning followed by a light coating of oil. Lock them up in either a Firearms Safe or Security Cabinet. Not much more really needs to be done.

Seasonal Storage

When the season ends…whether it’s Hunting or Sport Shooting, Proper Firearm care and storage will prevent damage that can occur to your firearm’s finish during the long months until next season.

Always make sure you start with a good standard cleaning. This means cleaning the bore until those patches are coming out just as clean as when they went in. Also, making sure that the action is de-greased, cleaned, and re-oiled. Next, Separate the stock (if equipped) from the barreled action and make sure all the accumulated gunk is removed from those hidden areas. Oil, everything up.

Temporarily place the firearm in with your frequently used firearms for a few days. Take it out again and re-oil it. Now put it away for the season. The second oiling will cover areas missed the first time.


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