Beer Review: River Horse Special Ale

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All of my Homebrewing Equipment was in the basement during our latest mini-flood.  It is all still safe and intact but is in need of a very thorough cleaning and sanitization process.  I simply haven’t had the time to clean it yet.

So, Instead of the usual how-to type post, I though a review of a micro-brew would be fun.

River Horse Brewing Co. located in Lambertville, NJ right on the Banks of the Delaware River is a very small brewery apparently owned and operated by a couple of ex beancounters, Uh I mean Accountants.  🙂

Anyway, Here’s what the Special Ale is all about:

It’s an American Amber that is so dark that it reminds me of an English Brown Ale.  The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is 4.5% so It’s a very refreshing session beer.  The flavor is almost all malt with very subtle Hop bittering and aroma.  I think they nailed the proper balance with this one and I’d put it right down the middle for Conformity to Style.

I paid $8.99 for the six-pack and I think I’ll grab another for the beer fridge.  This is definitely one to have around!

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