Range Test Tula Ammo vs. Remington UMC

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Sorry there are few pictures with this one….Camera messed up or something and I lost all the photo’s.


Well, the other day I was wandering around Walmart and decided to stock up on some ammo.  After calling an ‘All-Hands’ search party for the ONLY Associate with the keys to the Ammo case………I found some Tula Ammo in 50 round boxes for 9.89 each and a 250 round bulk pack of Remington UMC for 59.89 both in 9mm.

Thought I’d do some range testing with my Glock 26 (itty-bitty Glock 9mm sub-compact) and here is what I found:

Tula Ammo

Pro Con
Inexpensive Non-Reloadable
Grouped Well 1 round a dud, in 50
Fed Well No Bulk Packs in WM


Pro Con
Inexpensive only available in Bulk
 Grouped Well Fed Well


As you can see I liked the UMC…The Tula would be OK for plinking along with the occasional Tap-Rack drill…but for serious work or play: Remmington UMC wins this one.

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