The Value in Staying in a Positive Frame of Mind

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Tomorrow is Another Day!  ~~ an old adage from my Maternal Grandmother, Helen Celeste.

What that woman could say in a few words or a simple look was astounding.    That simple phrase summarizes her outlook on this life.  Do what you can today, Tomorrow you get a chance to do more.  What an Optimist!  Oh Boy, Do we all need more Optimists!!

Helen understood the fact that if you believed that your work, your thoughts, your actions, matter; Then you’ll be well rewarded when you complete the work.  Worry, today or tomorrow,  will not get the job done.  Only perseverance and dedication will see the work completed.

Finish the Work, Today or Tomorrow….NOT Next Tuesday!   That’s the Rub.  Do the work when the work needs done!  Let it not linger.
This outlook on life, simplified is:  Be Positive.

Be Positively You.  Be ALL of You.  You Are!  Now go BE!

Be you.  Be the Best You that You can be.  Strive to Excel in all that you do.  These values will serve you well, whether you achieve that Goal or not, the act of reaching for excellence is the True Reward.






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