A Spontaneous walk in Woods

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It seems that while so many people around here are coming down with the Flu, I’ve caught a bad case of Cabin Fever. After trying all manner of cures, nature finally decided to moderate the weather for a few days So out the door I Went!

Small game season is still on until Feb. 28th this year in Pennsylvania. Squirrel, Rabbit, Pheasant, Woodchucks (Groundhogs; not Phil), and Porcupines are all in season now. I don’t hunt Porcupines since I’ve never seen one around here and Woodchucks got the word from Punxsutawney to stay down for a few more weeks. Pheasants are still mainly a stocked and over-hunted proposition, few of them last through December. So, I’m mostly just hunting Squirrel and Cottontail Rabbit this time of year.

Beltzville State Park, Beltzville, PA

Christman Trailhead:
Jumped a rabbit that was hiding under some trash sheet metal right at my feet. The little bugger put on the afterburners and was GONE!

Found tons of coyote scat, one was full of bird bones!

Not one single twitch of a squirrel tail though, maybe next time. I’m really starting to crave some Brunswick Stew.

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