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Raised-Bed Gardening — An Introduction

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So, What is a Raised-Bed and why should you use one? A Raised-Bed is as simple as it sounds.  The garden bed, comprised of soil and finished compost, is raised above the level of the surrounding ground.  This can be achieved by containing the Raised-Bed with some type of bordering material; Rock, Stone, Cinder-Block, or more commonly Wood.  Raised-Beds can also be border-less, the bed is simply piled up and planted into. As for why you should use one, It’s simply a shortcut to well prepared, fertile, and friable soil.  It’s much easier to dump compost and topsoil inside a … Continue reading

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Hunting Public Land

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 What Whether the goal is Squirrel in the woods, Rabbit in the brush, Pheasant in fields, or Deer in the twilight;  A Hunt on public land can lead to a very enjoyable time. I am one of the many Hunters who find themselves hunting mainly on public land.  Some would say that this is a severe disadvantage, almost to the point where they would consider staying home.  I say, OK.  Stay home. You see, It’s real difficult to harvest game while sitting on the couch.  It’s also hard to get in my way if you stay home.  In either circumstance, … Continue reading

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