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Range Test Tula Ammo vs. Remington UMC

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Sorry there are few pictures with this one….Camera messed up or something and I lost all the photo’s.   Well, the other day I was wandering around Walmart and decided to stock up on some ammo.  After calling an ‘All-Hands’ search party for the ONLY Associate with the keys to the Ammo case………I found some Tula Ammo in 50 round boxes for 9.89 each and a 250 round bulk pack of Remington UMC for 59.89 both in 9mm. Thought I’d do some range testing with my Glock 26 (itty-bitty Glock 9mm sub-compact) and here is what I found: Tula Ammo Pro … Continue reading

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Firearm Storage

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Firearm Storage is a subject that seems to be discussed all of the time, yet never receives the attention it should.  There are several different way to store a Firearm, usually determined by the intended function. A function of Time…… If a Firearm is relied upon Daily, it would need to be stored differently than a Firearm that you want your Grand-kids to learn to use a decade from now. Safety This MUST be the primary concern!  Store your Firearms in a safe place: Safe from unauthorized use, Safe from Theft, Safe from a house fire..etc.. This can be accomplished … Continue reading

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The Gunsmithing task with the most Bang for the Buck Ever–Cleaning!

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Yes.  You read that title correctly.  The single most effective task you can perform on a gun is as simple as cleaning it properly.  A clean gun functions as intended, the projectile fits the bore as intended, the action moves within the timing intended, Every single thing WORKS AS INTENDED.  When you add several hundred rounds worth of gunk, Stuff stops working well. Don’t forget about maintaining value in the gun.  Not cleaning, oiling, and caring for your firearm will result in rust and corrosion.  This will lower the value and, if let go too long, destroy the gun. Tools … Continue reading

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Christmas Day 2011

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Christmas is finally here, though it really doesn’t feel much like Christmases I remember from my youth.  It is awfully warm this year! Last Night, I recorded a Hallmark Book for my daughters, 7 month & 3 year olds.  If you haven’t seen these, they are books with a voice recorder in them.  You can record each page of the book and lock the recording in.  It’s preserved in some type of non-volatile Chip so batteries can be changed or dead without losing the recording.  Here’s a link to Hallmark’s site for: Recordable Storybook I recorded “The Night Before Christmas” … Continue reading

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