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Contact! The USS. Wisconsin

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Had a very nice QSO (Conversation) with their Radio Room on Saturday March 9th, 2013. The Ship’s Radio Room was activated in preparation for the Amateur Radio Event “The Wisconsin QSO Party” where Amateur Radio operators in the State of Wisconsin attempt to contact as many other stations in-state as possible. It was a nice chat and I hope to speak to them again soon… From the Club’s website: USS Wisconsin History Established June 10, 2000, one of the stated purposes of the club is set forth in our constitution: “to install and operate… a licensed amateur radio station aboard the battleship … Continue reading

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Christmas Day 2011

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Christmas is finally here, though it really doesn’t feel much like Christmases I remember from my youth.  It is awfully warm this year! Last Night, I recorded a Hallmark Book for my daughters, 7 month & 3 year olds.  If you haven’t seen these, they are books with a voice recorder in them.  You can record each page of the book and lock the recording in.  It’s preserved in some type of non-volatile Chip so batteries can be changed or dead without losing the recording.  Here’s a link to Hallmark’s site for: Recordable Storybook I recorded “The Night Before Christmas” … Continue reading

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The Coax fed Fan Di-Pole, Lot’s of Bang for a few Bucks.

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The Coax Fed Fan Di-Pole can get you on the air over 4 different bands with a single coax penetration into the shack. Even better, there is no need for a tuner or the signal loss that a tuner implies. How does this work and what bands are you talking about?That’s usually the next question I’ve been asked when I mention this antenna. Well, how about 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m for the bands? As for how this thing works…RF will always take the path of least resistance (impedance). What does this mean? Well if you have 2 di-poles connected to … Continue reading

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