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A Spontaneous walk in Woods

It seems that while so many people around here are coming down with the Flu, I’ve caught a bad case of Cabin Fever. After trying all manner of cures, nature finally decided to moderate the weather for a few days So out the door I Went! Small game season is still on until Feb. 28th this year in Pennsylvania. Squirrel, Rabbit, Pheasant, Woodchucks (Groundhogs; not Phil), and Porcupines are all in season now. I don’t hunt Porcupines since I’ve never seen one around here and Woodchucks got the word from Punxsutawney to stay down for a few more weeks. Pheasants … Continue reading

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Hunting Public Land

 What Whether the goal is Squirrel in the woods, Rabbit in the brush, Pheasant in fields, or Deer in the twilight;  A Hunt on public land can lead to a very enjoyable time. I am one of the many Hunters who find themselves hunting mainly on public land.  Some would say that this is a severe disadvantage, almost to the point where they would consider staying home.  I say, OK.  Stay home. You see, It’s real difficult to harvest game while sitting on the couch.  It’s also hard to get in my way if you stay home.  In either circumstance, … Continue reading

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